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Indonesian workers' festival held to commemorate the third year anniversary of C190 adoption

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

In commemoration of the third anniversary of the adoption of the ILO Convention 190 (C190), the Indonesia Alliance to Stop Violence and harassment at the World Work organised a series of activities to continue the struggle for the C190 ratification. The Festival was initiated by KSBSI and supported by 59 civil society organisations composing the Alliance.

On 18 June 2022, the Alliance organised a webinar to gather testimonies and different perspectives on the C190 and the ILO Recommendation 206 (R206), including from workers in manufacturing, services, creative industries, public sector, and domestic work.

On 22 June, to highlight the campaign to #RatifyC190, the Alliance conducted a public action in front of the office of the Ministry of Labour. About 150 representatives of the 59 member-organisations of the Alliance took part in the action, sounding the workers' demand to ratify C190.

During the action, the representatives of the Ministry of Labour called the delegates from the protesters for hearing and to submit their demand. The outcome of the negotiation was not satisfactory because the official who sat in dialogue with the Alliance's representatives did not have a clear position on C190 and therefore, focused only on the newly enacted Criminal Law on Sexual Harassment.

Workers clearly expressed their points about the necessity of ratification and were prepared to discuss it with the government. Unfortunately, the official from the Ministry of Labour was unable to articulate the government's position and plan on the C190 ratification. Thus, the Alliance called on the government to come up with a clear position on the ratification of the convention, so that a more meaningful dialogue can be initiatied.

The Alliance will continue to lobby with the Ministry of Labour as well the members of the Parliament, as these two government bodies have the authority to demand and start the ratification process.

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