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Strategising to increase the C190 ratifications from 5 to 15!

It is through collective power that we can successfully advance the ratification of the ILO Convention 190! By building cross-movement solidarity nationally, regionally and internationally, our aspiration to increase the ratifications of C190 from 5 to 15 (and more!) is on the horizon.

This is the key takeaway in the virtual Multi-Country Strategy Meeting held on 22 April 2021, attended by over 100 participants representing 39 countries. Despite the various political, legal, and social challenges, there is a high level of commitment among the participants to push for the ratification of C190 in their respective countries. Such steadfast commitment is reinforced by concrete strategies that can be implemented from the grassroots level to the international level to influence the process of ratification. The consolidation of initiatives and cross-movement actions has a massive potential to generate pressure, mobilise broader constituency, and create an enabling environment for the ratification of C190.

The "Multi-Country Strategy Meeting - From 5 to 15: Where will the next 10 ratifications come from?" was jointly organised by ActionAid, CARE, ITUC-Asia Pacific, and IWRAW-Asia Pacific.

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